Start your own Business

This resource library provides supporting materials for the Introduction in Hospitality Management Course BUSN 103, It will offer insight into the hospitality industry through video presentations from industry leaders,  forum discussions and supporting materials.

Start your own Business

Do you dream of a career in event planning? Do you wonder what it takes and what it's really like to work in the field?

Join us for this FREE COURSE on A Career in Events - What's It All About? hosted by Jill S. Moran, CSEP of jsmoran special events and the Special Events Institute.  This five topic course will include a look at a day in the life of an event planner; the various event types and their distinct qualities, benefits and challenges and offer advice on what it takes to succeed in the business.  

Jill S. Moran, CSEP is the author of two award-winning, best selling books on Event and Business Management, has won numerous industry awards for her events and industry contributions and is passionate about helping others find their way into the exciting and exhilarating world of event planning.

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