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Foundations of Event Planning examines the many skills event planners are called on to use during the process of executing an event. The course will also examine some common types of events that require the skills of a professional planner.

This course will focus on the event life cycle and cover the many elements of the event process from initial client meetings to execution of the event. It will also guide students through the process of selecting the necessary materials and human resources. Other topics include budgeting for your event elements, contracts, and evaluation measures.

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Course Two examines all aspects of marketing mix as they relate to successfully marketing an event. This course will explore the different ways you may use various marketing tools – from the traditional to the emerging – for different types of event.

Event Marketing will focus on the role of marketing in the event life cycle – from the beginning through to the end. It will also guide you through the process of when and how to use certain marketing tactics and, as always, putting in place evaluation measures to ensure a successful outcome.

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The role of an event planner and manager requires a keen eye for design while factoring in the logistical and risk implications! Course Three will examine the process of identifying client needs and tastes, researching design options and creating unique decor elements to support the events goals and objectives. You will learn how to explore the design phases of the event planning process through step-by-step processes using internal and external team members.

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The many moving parts of an event and the way they are planned and executed can be thought of as Event Production and Logistics. Events may have few and simple production elements or complex and intricate features but all events will call for careful consideration of how the technical and supporting details are managed. This course will cover technical features of an event as well as the people, services and elements that support the event’s objectives.

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Whether working for a large hotel, corporation, community organization, an event planning firm, or starting a business– an event professional is called upon to utilize a variety of skills to successfully manage a team.  In Event Management and Leadership, students will gain insight into the skills needed to be successful in a leadership role.  This course will also examine the responsibility of event leaders to address environmental issues (Green Events), ethics, risk analysis and quality of events.

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